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First strokes

Hi paddler! 

We welcome you to the new Livingsea blog. On this “first page” we want to take the opportunity to tell you more about us and about how we got into this sport.

Our first strokes

I, Sara, was born in the Las Alcaravaneras neighborhood. When I was 9 years old, my twin brother and other friends from the neighborhood signed up for the canoeing club at the beach we had a few meters from home, and I joined them. It was in the earlies 90’s, things were very different and I was the only girl in the club, although during the summers a few more girls joined.

Since the first time I got into a canoe, I felt something that seduced me: I stayed and never stopped paddling again. Maybe the gliding, the sea or maybe just feeling (myself), just me.

Esteban got into canoeing at a similar age. He was 8 years old, at Melenara Beach and with some K1 boats. If you are from Gran Canaria, you will know it is not the calmest beach on the island…

The following year, he moved to what is still his club, the Club Amigos del Piragüismo.

Do you recognise us in the photo?

Our life: canoeing

Canoeing has always been part of our life, it is like our day to day pause and break. If something worries us or if we are not able to solve something, getting in a canoe, training and going to the open sea calms us, gives us light, locates us. Canoeing is a deep sigh, a long hug. Canoeing for us is home and family.

Both Esteban and I believe in canoeing for everyone, at all levels and ages. We feel the responsability to promote canoeing on the island and to share the passion we feel for this sport. We help to forge humble and respectful athletes, and we like to give our 100% in everything we do. Common sense and professionalism are our mantras, and a little of tailwind for our engine 😉

The last ten years

In our 10 years of life, we have created what is possibly the most active adult surfski school in the world. Currently, Las Alcaravaneras Beach a global reference in the practice of this sport

More than 100 paddlers from around the world have made surfski with us their main goal for their trip or vacation. Everyday, over 200 athletes train in the bay. We have more than 15 downwind options, from beginner to expert level.

We started with just two people in this project and today we have a team of 20 instructors in the summer season. We have helped in the growth of this sport on the island, in the country and around the world.

We have a lot to tell you

Come back to visit if you want to learn about how to train to perform better, tips to apply in your competitions and all the news about surfski in Spain and around the world.

Do you have a topic you would like us to write a blog post about? Ask for it on our social media!

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