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Nuestra extensa flota se encuentra en los locales de las Escuelas de Surfski de la Playa de Las Alcaravaneras y la Playa de La Laja. En ellos guardamos los surfski y disponemos de un vestuario mixto para poder cambiarse y dejar las pertenencias. Está equipado con baño y fuente de agua potable.
A 250 metros de la playa se encuentra nuestra Ofi-Shop, donde tenemos centralizado nuestro centro de operaciones, la Tienda y el Aula de Formación.

Aula Universitaria de Piragüismo

Livingsea was born from the ‘Aula de Piragüismo’ of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 2012, when what would become the first Adult Canoeing School of Canarias and Spain was founded. It was made possible thanks to the impulse of the Faculty and the Departament of Physical Activity and Sports Science and the Sports Service of the ULPGC, who collaborated to purchase stable canoes that would popularize canoeing and make it accessible to adults.

AUPíragüismo is the canoeing school of the ULPGC and enables the practice of this sport to university students and external people. More 10 years of life have made this classroom have more than 60 canoes and stand up paddle boards, and have a daily and consolidated activity throughout the year, reaching its peak during the summer months.


Club Amigos del Piragüismo

Over 80% of the team of Livingsea has been formed, trains and compites in the Club Amigos del Piragüismo, an entity with over 35 years of life that has seen all the paddler of Las Alcaravaneras grow.

Club Amigos del Piragüismo is the best open sea canoeing club in Spain and is a world reference to clubs from all over the world. It is a club dedicated to the initiation and improvement of boys and girls, and to the training and high performance of competitive paddlers.

From Livingsea we have always supported the club sponsoring with new equipment (canoes and paddles), providing the LivingVan, the canoe trailer and materials for its activities and trips, as well as discounts on all their purchases.


Real Club Náutico de Gran Canaria

The Real Club Nautico of Gran Canaria, founded in 1908, had in its beginnings a canoeing section that achieved great successes throughout its history.

7 years ago this section was reactivated by Livingsea, who being aware of the future potential of the club, wanted to restart the canoeing team.

Livingsea offers the RCNGC its team and materials for the promotion, training, competition and organization of canoeing regattas. Currently, the canoeing sections of the RCNGC has more than 70 athletes.

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