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About us

What drive us

Passion for canoeing

Esteban Medina and Sara Martí
Livingsea CEOs & Founders

Livingsea was born from the enthuasiasm of showing canoeing to the world through its teaching and promotion.

 We believe that everyone can enjoy canoeing and that is why we want to introduce this sport to those who do not know it.  

We have been challenging the waves of the bay of Las Alcaravaneras (Gran Canaria) since we started paddling canoes as kids.

Livingsea CEO

Esteban Medina Ojeda

Bronze European Championship 2021

Bronze at the Mediterranean Games 2019

European Champion 2018

Silver at the Mediterranean Games 2015

6 times Spanish Champion

Livingsea CEO

Sara Martí Trujillo

PhD in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences

National Canoeing Coach

International Canoeing Referee

Coach of the Spanish Surfski National Team

Degree in First Aid, Live Saving and Aquatic Liveguarding

One fine, in the mid-2000s

surfski came into our lives to change them forever.

With them, we began to surf in open waters, to go further, to grow, to create a team and become experts in a type of canoe that, at that time, was not well known in Spain.


Having stable surfski models made it possible for us to open up the practice of this sport to almost anyone in Canary Islands. Since then, the horizon has been our destination and the enthusiasm our engine.

Our greatest success

What we have achieved

In recent years, over ten thousand people have learned to paddle for the first time with Livingsea.

Training groups

Many of them have become hooked on this sport, and every afternoon they train in one of the training groups you will see in Las Alcaravaneras Beach.


We have been able to bring canoeing to hundreds of school all over the island, accompanying them to feel the sensation of gliding on the water that fascinates us so much.

A meeting point for paddlers

Visitors from all the continents have come to do a downwind and train with us while enjoying their vacation on the island
What we work for

What we dream of

We want (and will achieve) surfski to become of the most practiced sports in Canarias. Because we are islanders and the sea is our roots.

We would like to be the travel destination to most of the surfski paddlers in the world

We dream of a World Surfski Networdk in which we combine wind and waves to surf together

We believe that surfski can be a more relevant discipline in Spain

We are confident in having a High Performance Paddler Training Center

We aspire to continue enjoying the "surfski lifestyle": train, travel and compete to be ON, because life is to live it doing what you love the most


Over a decade

In our 10 years of life, we have created what is possibly the most active adult surfski school in the world. Currently, Las Alcaravaneras Beach a global reference in the practice of this sport. Everyday, over 200 athletes train in the bay.

We started with just two people in this project and today we have a team of 20 instructors in the summer season. We have helped in the growth of this sport on the island, in the country and around the world.

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Come and paddle with Livingsea

Livingsea is the meeting point for paddlers from around the world that offers you everything you need for surfski paddling.

 Monday to Friday
  From 10:00 to 15:00
  +34 691 597 021