Livingsea, Surfski in the Canary Islands

Enjoy paddling downwind in the surfski Paradise. With the best weather for training on the sea.

Livingsea’s Activities

Paddlers from all around the globe gather at Livingsea. At the Paddling Meeting Point you will be able to train and do the downwinds we organize, reveling on the perfect wind and swell conditions that the Canary Islands offer all year round.

Paddling Meeting Point

Downwind, Trainings and y Courses

We plan downwinds, trainings and courses so that you can enjoy your stay in the Canary Islands. Take a look at the Offers of Livingsea.

Equipment Renting

You will be able to rent ultimate surfskis. Livingsea has a great display of crafts, for beginner, intermediate and advanced paddlers.

+ MeetingPoint


Piragüismo y SUP for companies

(Español) Ven a divertirte con los compañeros de trabajo haciendo Piragüismo y Stand up Paddle. Pasarán un rato distendido y diferente. La mejor opción para fomentar el trabajo en grupo de una forma diferente y fuera de la oficina. Notarás como mejora el rendimiento de tu equipo así como la convivencia entre ellos mismo. Invertir en ocio es invertir en productividad.

Team Building

Ocio para empresas

Te ponemos todo el material, monitores expertos y muy divertidos y les enseñaremos todo lo necesario para que juntos puedan lograr los objetivos que les iremos marcando. 

Invertir en ocio

Queremos que se diviertan y cooperen todos juntos, no es necesario ningún conocimiento previo, ni forma física mínima, solo muchas ganas de pasarlo bien!!.


Paddlers who came training with Livingsea

Great athletes, coaches, and surfski entrepreneurs have been to Livingsea. Great winds and waves such as a good temperatures of the Canary Islands make this place a fantastic spot for ocean paddlesports.

Chloë Bunnett

2014 Cape Point Challenge

Renne Appel

Coach and 5 times Molokai finisher

Daniel Sanchez

Spanish Champion from Asturias and 3rd at the 2014 Europeans

Leif Davidsson

Aterra Kayak CEO, swedish surfski entrepreneur.

Carlos Alonso

Great European lifesaver and member of the National Team

David Buil

Young athlete who got the bronze medal at the 2014 Paddleboard World Championships.

Adventure Team

Swedish Armed Forces Team, top 10 in Multisport and Adventure Raids

Scott Cole

Adventure Athlete, coach and speaker

Livingsea sells surfkis and equipment

Livingsea is the official dealer of the wellknown Southafrican brand Carbonology Sport in Spain. With a vast range of surfskis and all the equipment for open ocean paddling. You will have different layups and brands to choose

Equipment sales


At Livingsea you will find surfskis from 56 cm for beginners, to 43 cm wide boats for more competitive paddlers. Layed up in Glass Vaccum and Kevlar-Carbon

Paddles and PFD’s

Livingsea offers different paddles of many sizes and layups. We have the best PFD’s in the market (Hiko, Mocke) and the most selled clothing (Funky Pants)





Livingsea is led by Paddling Experts

Paddlers from all around the world train with Livingsea. Optimum and steady weather conditions allow setting high quality training sessions. Livingsea workteam is composed by professionals that will enable you to improve your performance in open ocean conditions.

Founder & CTO

Esteban Medina

Esteban Medina, is one of the Founders of Livingsea. One of the best Ocean Racing Athletes in Spain, he’s currently one of the top European paddlers. Enthusiast, Competitive and great athlete. His biggest passion is training, and gives everything in all the races he goes to. His knowlegde of the sport make him able to show you difficult stuff in an easier way.

Founder & CEO

Sara Marti Trujillo

Sara Martí, Doctor in Physical Activity and Sports Science, National Coach from the Spanish Canoeing Federation. She’s one of the Livingsea Founders and is widely experienced as a kayaking coach. Sport lover and teaching enthusiast. She has always been promoting excersise at all ages and in all surroundings. Her passion and her sympathy make this coach able to transfer all her energy and make you achieve your goals.

Schools with Livingsea

Mixed up between the goals of Livingsea, we find the aim of making kayaking, surfski and SUP schools. The Canarian coastline has great locations for surfski paddling.

Livingsea, Surfski en Canarias

Upcoming Events of Livingsea

We start with the Surfski Training Camps of the season 2016 / 2017. We have programmed camps for all levels, only for Women and for Élite men. Basically from beginners to advanced. Improve your athletic performance and surf with us.

-Description: During 2017 Livingsea is going to organise 4 Surfski Training Camps  to let all the paddlers of this discipline enjoy paddling downwinds and having training sessions on the sea in our Paddling Meeting Point, in Gran Canaria.

Dates: From 23th to 28th of January will be the Elite. From 3rd to 5th and from 7th to 11th of February will be for all levels and from 22th to 26th of March only for women. Inside each Training Camp we will make subgroups to let the paddlers offer the best of themselves in every downwind and training.

Place: Paddling Meeting Point Gran Canaria

– Price: 330€  (discount in elite, express and women)

– Includes: Transport from/to the airport (within the schedule 8:30 to 22:30), surfski boat, Life Jacket, Downwind black area, Training sessions, Welcome breakfast, Closing Dinner, T-shirt, Visor, Video recording, organisation and development of the sessions and Civil Liability and accident insurances.

Accommodation: Contact us if you need our help.

 Surfski Models available: Pulse, Flash or Vault. SS2:  Zest or Blast.

– Note: The Downwinds and the training sessions are subject to the meteorological conditions and the level of the paddlers. They could suffer changes or being canceled.


Livingsea’s day by bay

Livingsea was born with the aim of transmit the experiences on the sea. The feeling of gliding over the waves, the inmensity of the Ocean, that’s the feeling we have. Our commitment with you is to make you enjoy surfski paddling as you’ve never done before.

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Livingsea Noticias

La familia de Livingsea publicará noticias y referencias de interés para los amantes del Surfski. Contaremos las anécdotas más destacadas y divertidas e intercambiaremos opiniones sobre las novedades y acontecimientos del mundo del piragüismo.

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