Kayaking and Stand Up Paddle for companies

Have fun with your workmates doing Kayaking and Stand up Paddle. They will spend a relaxed and different time. The best option to encourage group work in a fun way and outside the office. This activity will improve the performance of your team as well as the relations between them. Investing in leisure means investing in labor productivity.

You will enjoy an initiation course of Kayaking, with games and challenges that our monitors will guide you, furthermore you will have to coordinate with your coworkers to handle the giant Stand Up Paddle board of size XXL.

  • Recommended duration: 2 or 3 hours.

Discover the coast of  Gran Canaria paddling. Our expert instructors will teach you how to control the kayak and to challenge the group to encourage the spirit of achievement.

  • Recommended duration: 2 or 3 hours.

Imagine 10 people trying to coordinate to paddle all together to keep the balance avoiding falling from a Stand Up Paddle board size XXL. That will be the company’s challenge in this activity, with the help of our instructors. Laughs guaranteed!

  • Recommended duration: 2 hours

We will organize for your company an unforgettable day of 3-10 sports play stations, in which subgroups of the company will cooperate and face each other to achieve points in each station.

  • Activities: Kayaking, Big SUP, water bucket race, wooden or balloon raft construction, diver race, rope challenge, until stiff challenge, orange juice, treasure hunt, archery…
  • Recommended duration: 2 or 4 hours.
  • Price: 18€*/per person.

* For a group of 10 people at least and 2 hours of duration.

  • Includes: Programming and design of the activity, all the material, expert instructors, development of the activity, RC insurance  and  accident, and toast at the end.
  • Personalized budget: tell us what you would like to male with your company and we will send you a personalized proposal which will fit your desires, write us to info@livingsea.es or call us to the phone +34 691 597 021.

Check one example of one of our Team Building program clicking on here.

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