Equipment sales in Livingsea

In this section of Livingsea you will be able to buy all the necesaary gear for your training and racing. Choose between the models that fit you as well as the materials. We will provide you some guidance about the best products for you in the way to help you achieve your goals. In Livingsea you will find everything you are looking for your trainings and downwinds.



Carbonology Paddles, You will be able to choose between the stiff shaft (100% carbón) or the soft shaft (60% carbon – 40% fiberglass). The level and the strenght you have, will determinate the lenght and widht of the blade and the paddle. CS2: 480cm x 160 cm / CS3: 490cm x 163cm / CS4: xxxx x xxxx.





PFD’s Hiko for surfski, multiple sections for storing your hidration pack and your training or race food and the flare and other safety kit ítems. We also have Mocke PFD’s. Both of them are highly visible, which is ideal for triaining in Open Ocean.





Fort he first time ever in Spain, you will be able to purchase the funniest clothing in the market. Funky Pants, crafted in South Africa double lining that makes it more comfotable to sit on the surfski. You can also buy the Carbonology Sport clothing, sleeveless, long sleeve and multiple color choices and great quality.





Livingsea ha a great range of clothing and we have designed T-shirts and hoodies for your everyday. You may choose hoodies (White, Marine blue, black, pink and grey) ans T-shirts for men ( black, ehite, Green and yellow) and women ( Black, White, blue).





Disponemos de fundas para la Pala y el Surfski para que sufran lo menos posible en los transportes. También tenemos timones, tapas, pedales y piezas de necesites reemplazar.